New Books!

The first new books of the school year have come in!  Scroll down to our “New Books in the Library” section on the right to take a peek at them.  More new books will be coming before Winter break.


Book Fair Time!

Our Fall Book Fair will be held Wednesday,  October 1st through Friday, Oct 10th.  Students are encouraged to bring their Book Fair money on the day they have Library during specials — this will be their main time to purchase books.  We will also be open during Parent-Teacher Conferences and during the Family Picnic Read & Feed on Oct 10th.  Of course, parents are welcome to come in and shop with their children any time!  We are also offering an ONLINE book fair this year, from Sept 22nd to Oct 12th.  Online orders will be sent to Burt after Fall Break and given to the students.

If you’d like to volunteer during the Book Fair, please send back the form sent home with your child on Friday, 9/26, or feel free to email me at

A Parent’s Guide to the Common Core Standards |

Curious about the new Common Core standards that are starting to be implemented in Clarksville-Montgomery County?  Check out this article from  Below are some of the changes in Reading:

As the common core is implemented, students will be expected to read more difficult text sooner, and discuss what they read at a more complex level. For example, instead of pulling out individual text elements, such as characters, plot, and setting, students will be reading or listening to various stories, and will compare stories using their understanding of text elements.

Parent Tip: As you read with your child, ask her in-depth why and how questions that encourage her to analyze and synthesize texts. For example, read three different versions of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears and ask your child to compare and contrast them as you read.

via A Parent’s Guide to the Common Core Standards |